Ninja Division and Wyvern Gaming Partnership

Ninja Division and Wyvern Gaming Partnership

We are super excited to announce that Wyvern Gaming has struck a deal with Ninja Division, a worldwide game publisher, to publish both Onami and Cthulhu: A Deck Building Game. Both games will be available through their network for retail distribution in the very near future.

For the Full Press Release and complete run down head on over to our new friends website.


Things our Kickstarter backers say

Things our Kickstarter backers say

“Thank you so much! Your whole team is wonderful and top notch.”
“Hi! I received the game and it’s stunning!!!”
“I’m happy a chose this game as my first kickstarter :D”
“I just got the game today (Germany). Can´t wait to finally play it. Nice job guys!”
“Wow!! Sending you a virtual “high five” over to your side of the pond! :)”
“Just received my copy of the game today in the UK and it looks great. Many congratulations on a successful, well-run campaign from one very happy backer.”
“Got mine today in Tasmania, Australia. Looks beautiful. Many thanks!”
“Received game in Sydney Australia. Lots of fun and beautiful artwork. Thanks guys.”
“Mine landed today, in beautiful Oklahoma. Truly a lovely game. I am quite pleased.”
Gen Con 2016 Wrap Up

Gen Con 2016 Wrap Up

GenCon 2016 is now over. What a blast. As first time exhibitors we didn’t know what to expect, but man we really had a great show!

As new publishers we wanted to make a good first impression, so we worked extra hard to have a booth that would stand out from the crowd. Going into it we felt like it may have gone over the top, but wow we sure are glad we went all in. It was well worth it.

Our Jack of All Trades, Wes, was the mastermind of the booth’s construction, costume design, and general logistics. It was a lot of work. He’s been working on the booth itself for about 6 months in preparation for Gen Con. It was certainly a challenge getting the booth and product in place. We went up early Tuesday morning to make sure we had plenty of time to get everything set. We’re glad we did.


Having a great booth certainly attracted a lot of people to take a closer look at what we had. When they did stop and look they saw the great art work in both games and a lot of times stayed for demos. We also dressed the part in the booth wearing 1920’s attire to fit the Cthulhu theme.

The exhibit hall was packed! We were lucky to have one of the hottest new games Scythe on the same aisle as us. Many times people were shoulder-to-shoulder. Our booth was constantly filled. The only time it slowed down was during the lunch hour. It was crazy busy the whole time. I don’t think I talked that much in my life.

We loved having some of our Kickstarter backers stop by our booth to pick up their goods. We could not have done this without them. It was great to put faces with names.

However the absolute best thing about Gen Con was the people we met. We made some great contacts with industry people that will probably propel Wyvren Gaming into the future, but it was our neighbors on Entrepreneurial Avenue that we’re just awesome.

  • The guys at Card Caddy have a great product that we cross promoted with, their card tray product is very useful. Check it out.
  • Michael at Twistocity is a great guy! His social tongue twisting party game is a LOT of fun! It had our team cracking up.
  • We also made friends with the good folks at Lay Waste Games who had Dragoon for sale and the show.

Of course we have to thank our volunteers, our friends and family that greatly helped make all this happened. Thank you.

For other start-up companies that are considering making the jump to Gen Con next year, do it. It is well worth it. I recommend going big!



Update on the D6 Player Marker

Update on the D6 Player Marker

Just wanted to give everyone an update on the 6 sided player marker.

We have great news!

We upgraded the dice to make them the best possible. It will be a custom dice, tan in color, with a different color symbol on each side. We are very pleased with the result. Here is what each side will look like:


Onami Pledge Manager Up!

Onami Pledge Manager Up!

We just sent out the email from our Pledge Manager. You will need to walk through this wizard to make sure we have your shipping address so that we can get everything shipped to you.

You also have one last chance to get some of those add-ons or you may have wanted.

If you missed the campagin, it isn’t too late. You can still get in on pre-orders.


Cthulhu Proof!

Cthulhu Proof!

Manufacturing is moving along nicely! This is the proof that we received for us to approve. We had a few issues, but they have now been worked out. We are full steam ahead!


GenCon 2016!

GenCon 2016!

Come see us at GenCon 2016! We’ll be at booth 2956. We are so excited, as this is our first year to participate as an exhibitor! We hope to meet several of our backers at the convention and meet a lot of new friends. Mention you saw this post on our website and get $5 off the game!